About Us

We are Observer Tools.  A tool company based in Baltimore, MD and dedicated to delivering customers professional-grade tools at reasonable prices.  In our past lives, we've worked for some of the largest global tool brands, like DEWALT, Stanley, and Craftsman, and have built expertise in developing first-class products that professional and retail customers love. 

With this valuable experience and a desire to build something great of our own, we've set out to build a modern tool company based on an e-commerce platform that cuts out as many middlemen as possible and gives customers the most value for their money.  We are starting with one product, a 1000 Lumens LED Rechargeable Flashlight (FL1000), and will use the proceeds from our sales to develop a full range of tools.  

The name Observer was chosen because our customers can count on us to painstakingly watch over the quality of our products, service, and brand.  

Our Product Philosophy

We strive to be crystal clear about the products we develop.  We intentionally position our products in-between retail and professional tools.  You’ll never find a low-quality tool at Observer Tools and you won’t find a budget-busting tool either.  There are two critical components to achieving this.  One is more straight-forward – keeping our costs low by operating virtually so we can ensure that we maintain affordable prices.  The other is much more difficult – developing professional-grade tools.  Fortunately, one of our founders, Anas, created and implemented the quality control process used by many of the Stanley, Black & Decker professional tool brands.  We use this same process at Observer Tools, which we group into four buckets: 1. Quality Specs & Test Plan, 2. Manufacturing Process Audit, 3. Testing & Compliance and 4. Continuous Quality Assurance.

Our Company Philosophy

We are also committed to operating in a sustainable and conscious way. We donate 1% of our website gross sales to charity.  This donation comes out of our sales and isn’t added onto the price you pay. Currently, we've chosen to donate to the Blue Water Baltimore, UNICEF and Big Brother Big Sister organizations, all of whom are devoted to improving the quality of life for so many. We are also dedicated to working sustainably by avoiding disposable batteries, minimizing the use of paper and plastic and engaging in many other practices that reduce our environmental footprint.